Season 1: Escape from L.A. - September 2017 ︎
Season 2: Yellow Face - December 2017 ︎
Season 3: ??!(#$?? - Spring 2018 ︎
Season 4: ??2349081? - Summer 2018 ︎




I wanted to create a rap album that felt like “Master of None.” “all i ever wanted was everything” is about struggling to identify what it really is that we want, both personally and professionally all while under the constant pressure of the world literally imploding upon itself. running from everything and not taking responsibility for one’s actions. but in the end facing up to what it is that you are. you can’t run from yourself.give me sun but also moonlight. it’s me trying to figure out identity, mental health, love, career, god, and family. series will release in four (4) albums over the next year. 

Season 1/Album 1.1: Escape from L.A. | L.A. is a city of over consumption, selfish culture, greed, and too many faceless individuals. But it’s also really beautiful and amazing and home to incredibly intelligent and wonderful people and diversity and unparelled history.  Even when you leave L.A. you never really leave L.A. You take everything with you, the goods + the bads, where ever you go. You can’t escape who you are. The album is about that. 

Escape from L.A. ft Paul Dateh (prod. Paul Dateh + Chucky Kim)
Crazy Rich Asians ft Bea Go (prod. Kanobby)
Do you ft Paul Dateh (prod. Paul Dateh)
Women ft Travis Atreo (prod. Travis Atreo)
Can't Hold Me Down ft Lydia Paek (prod. minit)
Control ft Rebecca Jung (prod. Joules)
Runners ft Dia Frampton (prod. Travis Atreo)
Mothers ft Priska (prod. HYE SUNG + Chucky Kim)

Album Executive Producer Chucky Kim. Mixing, additional instrumentation and drum programming on album except tracks 4 & 7 by Chucky Kim. Tracks 4 & 7 recorded, produced, and mixed by Travis Atreo. All tracks written by DANakaDAN. Tracks 1 & 3 co-written by Paul Dateh, Track 4 co-written by Travis Atreo. Track 7 co-written by Travis Atreo & Tyler Caroll, feat. additional vocals by Ally Maki. All tracks except 4 & 7 recorded & audio engineered by Glenn Suravech of Mosiac Sound. Album photo by Sophia Chang. Album artwork by Hayley Matsumoto. Album mastered by Pete Doell. [Album features sounds from’s “The Brothers K, AnalogAF" sample pack] Special thanks James Roh, KevNish, Virman, Kirby Lee, Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, Richie Menchavez, Andrew Choi, Christian Soriano, and ISA.

The Diversity of Worlds
(fig. 56)

All this long human story, most passionate and tragic in the living, was but an unimportant, a seemingly barren and negligible effort, lasting only for a few moments in the life of the galaxy.


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DANakaDAN is an alternative rap artist  
from Los Angeles, CA. His 2nd album,
“Escape from L.A.” is due out now across all online platforms.
He’s a Korean Adoptee, Content Producer,
and enjoys Aziz Ansari., Street Tacos,
and the music of Atmosphere.