The Starting Point (17-18)
Chapter II

On the Other Earth
pp. 25-26

Interstellar Travel

Chapter I
Interstellar Travel (pp. 17-18)

Chapter III
Desert of darkness and fire

A Busy World (30-31)

The new invention
1937 — 2017

The Other Earth

The Diversity of Worlds
2017 — 2019

stimulus to nationalism

Prospects of the Race
2017 — Libero

Worlds Innumerable — Mankinds
It is better to be destroyed than to triumph in slaying the spirit. Such as it is, the spirit that we have achieved is fair; and it is indestructibly woven into the tissue of the cosmos.

We die praising the universe in which at least such an achievement as ours can be. 


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DANakaDAN is an alternative rap artist  
from Los Angeles, CA. His 2nd album,
“Escape from L.A.” is due out now across all online platforms.
He’s a Korean Adoptee, Content Producer,
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