︎︎ Members of this sign like to quietly observe new people and surroundings but are surprisingly opinionated and outspoken once they are comfortable. This is a highly capable sign that has the ability to accomplish just about anything. Their only real obstacle in life is themselves.

The Coyote is an inherently contradictory sign. Members of this sign often feel an inner conflict throughout their lives that they have difficulty putting into words. They require a very delicate balance of stability and freedom, new experiences and familiar situations, adventure and structure. Finding this balance, or at least working toward it, is the life purpose of most Coyotes. It is not unusual for members of this sign to experience depression, anxiety, or addiction at some point in their lives. Being born a Coyote is not a curse by any means, but it does present interesting life challenges for those who are.

Like their animal namesake, Coyotes are forever wandering from place to place trying to find somewhere they can feel stable. These does not necessarily mean moving from town to town, but job to job, idea to idea, relationship to relationship. They usually end up walking the same circles and repeating the same patterns over time. Patience is necessary to achieve this important balance, as is learning to accept life as it comes. Coyotes are so good at planning how to control situations that they have trouble letting go and letting life happen in its natural course. ︎︎


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DANakaDAN is an alternative rap artist  
from Los Angeles, CA. His 2nd album,
“Escape from L.A.” is due out now across all online platforms.
He’s a Korean Adoptee, Content Producer,
and enjoys Aziz Ansari., Street Tacos,
and the music of Atmosphere.